13 3 / 2014

Area 20-Something Says She ‘Will Die’ If She Has to Wake Up Any Earlier for Anything Ever

So she decided to do something about it


20-something Toronto young professional, L. Palmer [name has been changed] hated waking up to do literally anything ever. So when she heard she might have to get up a tad earlier to do [insert activity here], she simply could not stand for it.

“I thought, if that happens, I will die,” Palmer told her friends. “I will quit everything!”

Instead of begging her mom/friends/boss/self to let her sleep later or taking ill-timed naps to compensate for her lack of sleep, she decided to do something heroic: Palmer quit her job, friend-dumped everyone and moved back in with her parents. Now she doesn’t have to die–and she can sleep in. It’s a win/win.

This article was inspired by THIS ARTICLE.

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12 3 / 2014

Say what? Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites samples THIS.

07 3 / 2014

The clocks change this weekend! ‘Tis the season to link to this vid on why changing time is stupid.

26 9 / 2013

Vintage Crawl Toronto #VCTO

Tonight’s the night. Vintage Crawl Toronto Fall 2013


Trying to decide my route is always the hardest part. This time around, I’m on the hunt for a black leather wallet and some toques and gloves. And of course some tasty snacks, beverages and good conversation. Wish me luck!


20 9 / 2013

Anchorman Live Read


Will Ferrell / Christina Applegate / Steve Carell / Paul Rudd / David Koechner/ Jack Black / Chris Parnell / Kathryn Hahn/ Luke Wilson / Fred Willard / Fred Armisen / Bill Curtis / Danny Trejo


Hosted by Conan O’Brien. November 21. AND it’s for charity. And Jamie is my partner in crime.

How AMAZING is this!!!